“Kill The Cat” To Make More Money From Emails

We all know the idiom: Curiosity killed the cat.

And as a cat owner, I know how true that statement is.

…No, not killing the cat, of course! (Silly!)

But the relentless curiosity of our feline friends to explore things they’re not supposed to explore.

When my cat notices something moving, he can’t resist the urge to check it out.

…He needs to go see it.

…He needs to bite it.

…He needs to swipe it with his little paws.

Now imagine if your emails can have this same effect on your customers.

What if your emails have the power to make your customers curious like a cat?

They see your emails and they can’t resist the urge to open it.

…They need to see it.

…They need to read it.

…They need to know what you’re trying to tell them.

And before they know it, they’re so deep in this rabbit hole and they have no choice but to buy your products.

So you want more people to open your emails?

Use the Power of Curiosity in writing your Subject Lines…

…and watch your Open Rates soar high!

Are You Playing the ‘Email Losing Game’?

When it comes to writing emails to their list, most people are PLAYING NOT TO LOSE instead of playing to win.

How do you know if you’re playing the losing game?

Here are some clues…

 You’re AFRAID to offend people inside your list so you try to be ALWAYS neutral.

 Your hands are sweating every time you send an email that includes a SALES PITCH.

 You don’t want to send a lot of emails because you FEAR that they will UNSUBSCRIBE.

Now, think about this…

🚫 Do you want to do business with a person who can’t accept who you really are — warts and all?

🚫 Do you want to have as a customer a person who doesn’t really want you selling to them?

🚫 Do you want to be with people who don’t really want to hear from you?

You see…

When it comes to writing emails, playing it safe hurts your business…

…It also hurts the people that REALLY WANT & NEED your help.

Why Fixing Your Funnel Won’t Increase Your Sales

“Should I change the image on my Landing Page?”

“Should I change the color of my Buy Button?”

“Should I limit the number of emails I sent?”

“Should I add another upsell… or downsell… or should I even sell at all?”

If you’re short on sales…

…and these are the kind of questions you’re asking…

Then, you’re asking the wrong questions.

Don’t get me wrong.

I’m not saying that these things won’t help.

My point is…

A lot of us are focusing on minor things instead of the major things that will ACTUALLY drive our results.

You see, lack of sales is not your problem.

It’s just a symptom of the real problem.

And you won’t be able to solve that kind of problem with only a surface level of awareness.

So instead of asking those questions above, why not ask yourself…

“Do I have the right offer for the right people?”

“Do I have a deep awareness of my market’s pains and desires?

“Am I able to communicate that I genuinely understand their problem?”

Remember, your answers are just as good as the questions you asked.

Why Not Selling On Your Email is Silly… and Gross!

Imagine this scenario…

You wake up in the middle of the night with an unusual ache in your stomach.Then you realize…

Your poop is coming out fast… and it has no intention of holding back!

So you run immediately to the toilet to relieve yourself.

“Ahhh… The comfort.”

You flush all those waste and went back to your room to go back to sleep.

But even before sitting on your bed, here’s the pain again.

“Argh! Why good heavens? Why?”

You run again to the toilet… and repeated this cycle for like 8 times.

…you have an extreme case of diarrhea.

So you went out of the house, with cold sweat on your brows, to buy medicine.

You walk straight to the counter to get that much-needed tablet.

But to your surprise, the lady in the pharmacy said…

“Oh… Diarrhea? Well, before you buy, let me educate you first.”

You were dumbfounded as she continues…

“Well, there are different causes of diarrhea, but there are also different ways to avoid it!…”

She went on and on and on until the next batch of poop just exploded down under.


And also a silly story, I know.

But that’s exactly what people who don’t want to be ‘salesy’ in their emails are doing.

They are withholding the relief, the solution, the cure, all for the sake of spreading ‘goodwill’ first.

If you believe that you have the solution that will change your customer’s life, why are you hiding it?

Don’t you think is a huge disservice to those people who need your help?

I thought so.

Why Not Being ‘Salesy’ in Emails is Actually Hurting your Business

I get it.

You don’t want to sound ‘salesy’ in every email that you send to your list.

Because you’re afraid that people will end up leaving your list if you try to sell them anything.

So you stick with adding value.

You continue telling them feel-good stories.

In your mind, you’re just a teacher, not a marketer.

Hoping to high heavens that maybe, just maybe, they’ll become interested in paying you to know more.

But here’s the brutal truth:

You’re not making any sales unless you actually sell something.

In short…

You need to be ‘salesy’

You need to be ‘salesy’ to sell that online course or program.

A good case study is Ben Settle.

If you’re subscribed to his emails, you’ll notice that in every email that he sends, he’s always selling something.

Sure, a lot of people are unsubscribing.

And yes, there are people who can’t stand it and just leave.

But here’s the interesting part…

The more emails he send with the intention to sell, the more money he makes.

Besides, if you’re not selling, you’re doing a huge disservice to your customers.

Anyway, that’s for another post…

For now, ask yourself…

“Why am I afraid to sell?”

How To Fix Your Backend Marketing And Convert Your Email List To Paying Clients

You just spent $$$ on ads and now you have a few hundreds of people on your list.

“I’m killing it! My strategy is working!” you thought to yourself.
Sure, you have a lot of leads…
…But why is it that you’re still short on sales?
The answer?
Your offer is not converting.
You’re getting leads but no one is buying.
It means that you’re spending money on ads for nothing.
And without enough ROI, your business is soon to be in deep sh*t.
But don’t worry because you can still fix it.
By strengthening your backend marketing.
Here are some steps to do it:

1. Mind The Whole Sales Process

You see, most entrepreneurs are too focused on getting leads.
Increasing their followers or building their email list.
But they’re forgetting the most important part of their marketing mix.
And that’s converting these prospects into paying clients.
Remember, the battle doesn’t end when they subscribe to your list.
It’s only the beginning.
Be mindful of the whole sales process and take charge of what happens next after they opt-in.

2. Map The Customer Journey

To increase your conversion, you must provide your prospects with a seamless experience.
People subscribe to your list because they want something to get from you.
Your goal is to guide them from where they are into seeing your program or product as the solution that they need.
Each step of the process should be the ‘Logical Next’
Let’s use a Weight Loss Program as an example…

You want to get tips on how to lose weight?

Sign up on this link to get your free eBook.

You want to start losing weight today?

Open the email and download your free eBook.

You want to learn how I lose weight?

Read my emails.

You want me to help you lose weight?

Open this link to my Sales Page and buy my course.
Each step should bring your prospect to your goal of making them your paying clients.

3. Improve Your Copy

At this point, it’s already clear that fixing your backend marketing means fixing your communication with your prospects.
In other words, you need to improve your copywriting.

You want more people consuming your free offer?

Fix your copy on your ‘Thank You Page.’
“Sell” them your first email by telling them that your free offer will really help them.

You want to build stronger bonds with your prospects?

Write better emails that will help you relate on a personal level to them.
Use storytelling. Share your struggles and pains.
Encourage them to respond and reply.
Start a conversation with them.

You want more people buying your course?

Fix your Sales Page.
Make sure that you’re clearly communicating the benefits of your program.
Talk to them in their language.

Want to get a FREE Email Copy Audit? I’ll take a look at your email copies and identify areas to improve. Just sign up here: GET FREE EMAIL COPY AUDIT

4. Get Feedback And Continuously Improve

Fixing your backend marketing is not a one-time event.
No matter how hard you work on it, there’s always room for improvement.
That’s why getting feedback is critical.
When getting feedback, always rely on important metrics.
Don’t focus on your gut feel or even the opinion of others.
Remember, numbers don’t lie.
So, here are some important metrics to focus on.

Not happy with your opt-in rate?

Check the quality of the leads you’re getting. (your targeting)
Evaluate your copywriting on your Facebook Ads.
Experiment with different Lead Magnets.

Not happy with your open rates and click-through-rates?

Test different headlines.
Check your email copy if it’s too long or sounds impersonal.
Try sending emails in different hours of the day.

Not happy with your overall conversion?

Check your overall conversation with your list.
Evaluate the Customer Journey and find out if you’re doing the ‘Logical Next Process’
Improve your copywriting.


Growing your business is not just about getting more leads.
So you need to be mindful of the whole sales process and the entirety of the Customer Journey.
Don’t be afraid to experiment and test your copy.
If needed, ask for help from experts as you focus on your zone of genius.
Want to get a FREE Email Copy Audit? I’ll take a look at your email copies and identify areas to improve. Just sign up here: GET FREE EMAIL COPY AUDIT

Spending Too Much On Ads With Nothing To Show For?

Are you spending too much money running ads to promote your program?

…Yet you can’t see any significant increase in your revenue and number of clients?

One reason…

“You have a weak backend marketing strategy.”

You see, a lot of entrepreneurs are focusing only on their frontend activities.

✅ Get more leads.

✅ Build their email list.

✅ Increase their followers.

But they are forgetting the most important part of their ‘marketing mix’

And that is to effectively convert these leads into paying customers.


Are you burning too much money on ads with nothing to show for?

Perhaps, it’s time you take a look at your backend marketing.

How to Drive More Engagements in your Emails (by doing less…)

Email Marketing is still one of the best drivers of a company’s ROI.

In fact, recent studies show that about 80% of retail professionals believe that Email is still their greatest driver of customer acquisition and retention.

But there’s a catch…

For them, your subscribers, to do what you want them to do… (Whether open a link or buy from you)

…You need them to engage in your emails.

In other words, you need to ‘persuade’ them to take certain actions.

“Click here.”

“Watch this video.”

“Buy now.”

These are just some of the most common Call-To-Actions (CTAs) that businesses usually use.

So the question now is, how will you make them do it?

“Use 1 CTA at a time.”

In every email that you sent, use only 1 CTA.

There should only be one action that you must ask your subscriber.

The common mistake that some marketers do is they try to cram their emails with multiple CTAs.

I totally understand their “logic” behind this.

But it does more harm than good.

Remember this… “A confused mind will avoid making a decision.”

Give them a lot of choices and they will freeze and do nothing with your emails.

So when it comes to CTAs, less is more. 🙂

That’s how you drive more engagements in your emails!

The Most Important Metric in Email Marketing

A lot of marketers are obsessed.

…particularly in measuring the results of each strategy that they do.

Email Marketing is no exception.

Well, I won’t argue that knowing your numbers is critical.

As they say, “If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.”

Absolutely true.

But when it comes to Email Marketing, what you count and monitor matter a lot.

You might be obsessing in increasing a certain metric only to find out that you’re focusing on the wrong thing all along.

You see, it is not about Open Rates.

It is also not about how many ‘click’ on your link.

It’s not even about how many people are unsubscribing on your emails.

Yes, those things are somewhat important.

But the most important metric that you must measure is ‘conversion’ and ‘sales’

You could have 100% Open Rates, 95% Click Through Rates, and 0 Unsubs…

…but if no one is buying from you?

Then, your Email Marketing is still garbage.

So focus on metrics that truly matter.

Focus on your conversion.

Focus on the dollar amount of sales generated by your emails.

Those things are what you should be improving.

Is No One Opening Your Emails?

You write emails to convert and get more sales.

…That’s a given.

But how can you convert if no one is opening your emails in the first place?

I have one word for you today: A-T-T-E-N-T-I-O-N

If you want to get your emails open (and convert), then you need to capture the attention of your reader in 5 seconds.

Yes, you only have 5 seconds to make them decide whether your email is worth opening or not.

Now, how will you capture your prospect’s attention in 5 seconds?

Here are 4 simple steps you can do right now to write ‘Attention-getting’ email subject lines:

1. Appeal to the reader’s self-interest.

Answer the question: “What’s in it for me?”

2. Give some news.

Use words such as new, discover, introducing, just arrived, etc.

3. Offer some useful information.

Focus on giving solutions to your prospect’s problems.

4. Use curiosity.

Words such as secret, hidden, revealed, you’re not expecting this, can do the trick.

Try using a combination of these hacks in your email subject lines…

…and get your emails opened more often.