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Some of the things you’ll learn inside:

✓ How to suck the ‘boring’ out of your emails using an old perv instructor’s teaching tactic.

✓ How to develop your “email sixth sense” and never run out of ideas in writing your email copy.

✓ How to make people ‘unsubscribe’ from your email list… and still make more sales than ever!

✓ Why being an expert can destroy your ability to make sales from your email copy!

✓ The #1 worst mistake in email marketing that you’re probably doing right now.

✓ How to get your emails opened even if your subject line is a total catastrophe.

✓ “Shocking’ email lessons from the man who cursed the pope!

✓ A ‘deadly’ email copywriting tactic that actually killed a man!

✓ How to use the ‘straight-benefit’ approach in writing subject lines.

✓ Use tv programs’ outrageously popular show format to make your emails fun and exciting!

✓ A 500-year old tortoise’ secret to ‘hook’ your email readers fast!

✓ How to write crayzee-money-making-stripper-emails.

✓ Making your readers buy from you by secretly planting a ‘parasite’ inside their heads.

✓ A 2,000-year old email copywriting tactic that lets you sell your product even without pitching.

✓ How to use the life-changing ‘secrets’ of Gandhi, Luther King Jr., and Churchill in your emails!

✓ A dead journo’s fun and profitable way to make people go bonkers over her columns.

✓ How to write ‘hollywood emails’ that lets you ‘sell’ your product on stealth mode.

✓ Why you should send emails every day and not fear people leaving your list.

✓ Why the so-called ‘experts’ are just dead-wrong when they say that your email’s duty is to always add ‘value’.

✓ The simple, dirt-cheap, do-it-yourself product launch method using only emails!

✓ And so much more!

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20 Proven Strategies to Write Emails That People Love To Open, Read and Buy From