Why Your Email Subscribers Are Annoyed As Hell

Writing emails should be one of the core marketing strategies for your business.

…If not, then you are leaving a lot of ‘green’ at the table.

Well, for starters, studies say that email marketing provides an average 4,400% ROI!

For those who get it and send emails daily, they face another problem…

That is to talk to their subscribers in a way that it leads to a sale.

But how will you do it if your readers are distracted and annoyed?

…And why are they getting distracted and annoyed at the first place?

Is it your problem?

s it their problem?

You see what I’m doing here?

…I’m distracting and annoying you.


By talking to you in circles.

..And not going straight to the point. {I can entirely remove this sentence}

By making things extraordinarily complicated. {I can just say ‘complicated’}

By writing long and winding sentences that are difficult and strenuous to read. {I can simply say, “By writing long sentences that are hard to read”}

If you are writing your emails this way…

…then, no wonder your subscribers are annoyed.

Want to change it?

Then do those things I mentioned — in reverse.

– Talk straight to the point.

– Make things simple to understand.

– Write short sentences.

That’s it. 🙂