The Most Important Metric in Email Marketing

A lot of marketers are obsessed.

…particularly in measuring the results of each strategy that they do.

Email Marketing is no exception.

Well, I won’t argue that knowing your numbers is critical.

As they say, “If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.”

Absolutely true.

But when it comes to Email Marketing, what you count and monitor matter a lot.

You might be obsessing in increasing a certain metric only to find out that you’re focusing on the wrong thing all along.

You see, it is not about Open Rates.

It is also not about how many ‘click’ on your link.

It’s not even about how many people are unsubscribing on your emails.

Yes, those things are somewhat important.

But the most important metric that you must measure is ‘conversion’ and ‘sales’

You could have 100% Open Rates, 95% Click Through Rates, and 0 Unsubs…

…but if no one is buying from you?

Then, your Email Marketing is still garbage.

So focus on metrics that truly matter.

Focus on your conversion.

Focus on the dollar amount of sales generated by your emails.

Those things are what you should be improving.