How to Drive More Engagements in your Emails (by doing less…)

Email Marketing is still one of the best drivers of a company’s ROI.

In fact, recent studies show that about 80% of retail professionals believe that Email is still their greatest driver of customer acquisition and retention.

But there’s a catch…

For them, your subscribers, to do what you want them to do… (Whether open a link or buy from you)

…You need them to engage in your emails.

In other words, you need to ‘persuade’ them to take certain actions.

“Click here.”

“Watch this video.”

“Buy now.”

These are just some of the most common Call-To-Actions (CTAs) that businesses usually use.

So the question now is, how will you make them do it?

“Use 1 CTA at a time.”

In every email that you sent, use only 1 CTA.

There should only be one action that you must ask your subscriber.

The common mistake that some marketers do is they try to cram their emails with multiple CTAs.

I totally understand their “logic” behind this.

But it does more harm than good.

Remember this… “A confused mind will avoid making a decision.”

Give them a lot of choices and they will freeze and do nothing with your emails.

So when it comes to CTAs, less is more. 🙂

That’s how you drive more engagements in your emails!