Why Not Selling On Your Email is Silly… and Gross!

Imagine this scenario…

You wake up in the middle of the night with an unusual ache in your stomach.Then you realize…

Your poop is coming out fast… and it has no intention of holding back!

So you run immediately to the toilet to relieve yourself.

“Ahhh… The comfort.”

You flush all those waste and went back to your room to go back to sleep.

But even before sitting on your bed, here’s the pain again.

“Argh! Why good heavens? Why?”

You run again to the toilet… and repeated this cycle for like 8 times.

…you have an extreme case of diarrhea.

So you went out of the house, with cold sweat on your brows, to buy medicine.

You walk straight to the counter to get that much-needed tablet.

But to your surprise, the lady in the pharmacy said…

“Oh… Diarrhea? Well, before you buy, let me educate you first.”

You were dumbfounded as she continues…

“Well, there are different causes of diarrhea, but there are also different ways to avoid it!…”

She went on and on and on until the next batch of poop just exploded down under.


And also a silly story, I know.

But that’s exactly what people who don’t want to be ‘salesy’ in their emails are doing.

They are withholding the relief, the solution, the cure, all for the sake of spreading ‘goodwill’ first.

If you believe that you have the solution that will change your customer’s life, why are you hiding it?

Don’t you think is a huge disservice to those people who need your help?

I thought so.