Why Fixing Your Funnel Won’t Increase Your Sales

“Should I change the image on my Landing Page?”

“Should I change the color of my Buy Button?”

“Should I limit the number of emails I sent?”

“Should I add another upsell… or downsell… or should I even sell at all?”

If you’re short on sales…

…and these are the kind of questions you’re asking…

Then, you’re asking the wrong questions.

Don’t get me wrong.

I’m not saying that these things won’t help.

My point is…

A lot of us are focusing on minor things instead of the major things that will ACTUALLY drive our results.

You see, lack of sales is not your problem.

It’s just a symptom of the real problem.

And you won’t be able to solve that kind of problem with only a surface level of awareness.

So instead of asking those questions above, why not ask yourself…

“Do I have the right offer for the right people?”

“Do I have a deep awareness of my market’s pains and desires?

“Am I able to communicate that I genuinely understand their problem?”

Remember, your answers are just as good as the questions you asked.