Are You Playing the ‘Email Losing Game’?

When it comes to writing emails to their list, most people are PLAYING NOT TO LOSE instead of playing to win.

How do you know if you’re playing the losing game?

Here are some clues…

 You’re AFRAID to offend people inside your list so you try to be ALWAYS neutral.

 Your hands are sweating every time you send an email that includes a SALES PITCH.

 You don’t want to send a lot of emails because you FEAR that they will UNSUBSCRIBE.

Now, think about this…

🚫 Do you want to do business with a person who can’t accept who you really are — warts and all?

🚫 Do you want to have as a customer a person who doesn’t really want you selling to them?

🚫 Do you want to be with people who don’t really want to hear from you?

You see…

When it comes to writing emails, playing it safe hurts your business…

…It also hurts the people that REALLY WANT & NEED your help.