“Kill The Cat” To Make More Money From Emails

We all know the idiom: Curiosity killed the cat.

And as a cat owner, I know how true that statement is.

…No, not killing the cat, of course! (Silly!)

But the relentless curiosity of our feline friends to explore things they’re not supposed to explore.

When my cat notices something moving, he can’t resist the urge to check it out.

…He needs to go see it.

…He needs to bite it.

…He needs to swipe it with his little paws.

Now imagine if your emails can have this same effect on your customers.

What if your emails have the power to make your customers curious like a cat?

They see your emails and they can’t resist the urge to open it.

…They need to see it.

…They need to read it.

…They need to know what you’re trying to tell them.

And before they know it, they’re so deep in this rabbit hole and they have no choice but to buy your products.

So you want more people to open your emails?

Use the Power of Curiosity in writing your Subject Lines…

…and watch your Open Rates soar high!