My Book

If you want to double (even triple) the money you make from your email marketing… even if haven’t written a single email copy before, or you’re struggling with it now… then this short book shows you exactly how.

I call this book: Email Copywriting Handbook


It contains 20 proven strategies to help you in writing ‘fun & profitable’ emails that people love receiving, reading, and buying from. It shows you exactly how to write emails to your list that will make you new sales practically every time you hit that send button.

Here’s what you’ll learn inside:

  • How to write emails faster by knowing exactly WHAT to write and HOW to write — so you’ll never have to stare at a blank page ever again!
  • How to master the anatomy of winning email copy that makes sales on demand every time you send an email out.
  • How to craft smoking-hot subject lines leaving people with ‘almost’ no choice but to open your email — and buy from you.
  • How to compose ‘fun & profitable’ emails that will instantly separate you from the ‘boring’ bunch of guru’s and expert’s emails plaguing your reader’s inbox today.

Each chapter is written like an email so you can easily ‘dissect’ it and model it when writing your own money-making email copy.

Normally, it sells for $20, but you can get it free when you join my Daily Email Tips.

Download your copy today and start making more money from your email copywriting efforts tomorrow!