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How To Write Email Faster

Ever heard of a Rube Goldberg machine?

It’s a machine intentionally designed to perform a single task in an indirect and overcomplicated fashion.

Dunno ’bout you, but it made me chuckle a bit.

It actually reminds of how a lot of people I know are doing when writing email copy.

They overcomplicate a very simple task.

It starts with closing the door behind them. Then, spending a few minutes to attract the energy of the universe and magically come up with an inspiration. That’s when they’ll start the arduous task of writing the email. They’ll spend hours and hours hammering the keyboard to come up with the ‘perfect email’ that will blow the pants off their subscribers.

That might be a little exaggerated. Lol!

But you’re getting my point?

When it comes to writing emails, the proof of the pudding is not in the words you use, but the sales you made.

Here are two things you can do to write email faster:

#1: Write Like You Talk

When writing emails, just write like you talk — warts and all.

What I mean is, write like the way you talk with a normal person in a face-to-face conversation.

Use words that you normally use when talking with someone.

Avoid being verbose and don’t dare to look more intelligent with words that your readers won’t understand unless they get a dictionary.

#2: Limit Yourself to 30 Minutes

I’m also a huge believer of the old adage that says, “Money is attracted to speed.”

So you should not spend more than 30 minutes writing an email.

‘Dumb down’ things a bit.

Get a timer and decide that you’ll only write for 30 minutes.

It might take a bit of practice, but you’ll get faster every time you do it.

What you should expect?

When you do this, two things will happen:

First, You’ll write faster.

And second, you’ll let your unique personality shine through your emails.

Both important to writing emails that don’t sound like a robot or an overhyped ad guy on TV.

Anyway, if you want some cool demonstration of emails written using this approach, then make sure you grab a copy of my new book: Email Copywriting Handbook.

All you have to do is model those emails and adapt it to your market, and soon enough, you’ll be one of the most prolific email copywriter in your industry — leaving your competition thousand miles behind.

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Are You Afraid of Unsubscribes?

I know a lot of business owners who are afraid to send daily emails to their list.

And the main reason is they’re afraid of unsubscribes.

After all, it’s scary to see dozens of people leaving your email list, right?

Me? I think it’s only a matter of perspective.

I would unsubscribe from anyone who doesn’t add value to me.

But if I’m getting value, and I’m being entertained, and I’m learning a lot, then why would I unsubscribe?

Because here’s the truth:

If you send daily emails but you’re not giving value, and you’re not making the life of your readers a little bit fun, and they are not learning from you — expect that a lot of them will unsubscribe.

But if you do those things and you send daily emails — expect that a lot of them will STILL unsubscribe.


Because that’s how you weed out those who are not your audience

And in the process, identify those who will be your loyal customers in the future.

Besides, what’s the logic in keeping people who don’t want to hear from you?

What would you get from holding on to people who don’t see any value in what you’re trying to teach them?

IMHO, I’d rather have 100 people on my list who are raving fans because of what I’m doing for them…

…Than having 10,000 people who don’t really get value from me. (And even gets upset because I’m trying to help them with my emails. Lol!)

Again, it’s a matter of perspective.

For More High-Level Tips About Email Marketing & Email Copywriting, Grab Your Free Copy of My New Book: EMAIL COPYWRITING HANDBOOK

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