Diarrhea and Email Marketing

One of the ‘Email Marketing 101 Rules’ that amuses me is this…

“Don’t sell your product right away in your emails. Give value first in the first 5 (or more) emails. Then, that’s when you can tell about them about your product.”

And then certain gurus and experts use this analogy of dating and marriage to justify this.

They say, “You don’t ask someone to marry you after you just met them. There’s a certain stage to it. There’s getting to know. There’s courtship. There’s dating. Blah blah blah.”

And in my IMHO, that’s all BS!

And that dating and marriage concept, that’s a flawed analogy.

Let me explain…

Let’s say you’re selling medicine for diarrhea.

Then someone comes to your drugstore to buy that medicine.

The guy’s face is disfigured just trying to hold back the ‘poop-avalanche’

But imagine you saying…

“Oh, no, no, no. Sorry. We don’t sell the product yet. It’s just Email 2 where we give some tips on how to avoid diarrhea. So here’s a pamphlet. Read it. And we have more tips in store for you until Email 5. We’re nice people here. We always want to add value to you. We don’t want you to think that we’re just after the sales.”

Doesn’t sound logical now, does it?

You see, people are in your list because they are in pain.

They joined your list because they are looking for a solution.

And not telling them about that is incredibly selfish.

Yes, I’m going there.

You’re selfish when you’re not telling people about your product.

If you have a solution, then it’s your moral obligation to tell people about it.

“But what if they get offended and leave my list?”

Then, I’ll tell you what Jesus said when the Pharisees are questioning Him because He’s hanging out with the ’sinners.’

Jesus answered them, “It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick.”

My point is, you should always talk about your product in every email that you send to your list.

Talk about their problems and tell them that you have a solution.

That’s how you write emails that customers love to read and buy from.


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