5 Cheap Email Marketing Tactics You Should Avoid

“The word for today is Bullsh*t. No need to spread the word, there is plenty of it going around.”

Silly joke. But it rings true.

Especially when it comes to online marketing.

I don’t know about you, but I’m easily annoyed whenever I see cheap marketing gimmicks done by so-called marketers.

And one of the biggest BS I’m seeing right now is how a lot of “supposedly” email experts are trying to dupe people just to get higher open rates.

Here are some shady tactics I hope you’re not using:

🤮 Using RE: in subject lines — to make it appear that the email is a reply

🤮 Using FWD: in subject lines — to make it look like the email is forwarded

🤮 Using ‘Warning’ — just to scare people to open their emails

🤮 Using ‘Last chance’ — meh, be more creative

🤮 Saying ‘I won’t do this offer ever again’ — creating fake scarcity to make people take action

You see, when you resort to this kind of lame and fraudulent tricks just to ‘trick’ people to open your email or make them buy your product, then you’re not doing email marketing right.

You’re also slowly eroding the trust of your readers.

Yes, you might get away with it once or twice, but the more you use it, the more people distrust you.

And when you lose their trust, you lose your business.

Don’t gamble your business on this shoddy foundation.

You know better. And your customers deserve better.

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