The Case Against “Unsubscribephobia”


I think too many a people are overly concerned about unsubscribes. 


I couldn’t care less. (And you should, too) 

Here’s why: 

You see, people leave an email list for a variety of reasons. For others, maybe they’re getting too much emails. Or perhaps your emails are not what they need right now. Or maybe because they don’t see the value of what you do. Tons of reasons — and in 98.82% of the case, you have no control over it. 

So why worry about things you cannot control? 

Besides, based on my experience, people who unsubscribe will never buy from you… EVER! 

I mean, think about it. 

If I email you every day to make your life a little bit fun while also giving you some good info, and you still decide to leave my list, then what more when I start selling you my services? 

That’s why in my honest (but accurate) opinion: Worrying about unsubscribes is “meh.” 

Case in point: 

Last month, I worked with a client to level up his email marketing game. We sent a lot of emails. And it’s the most number of emails he send ever since he began his business. And sure enough, hundreds of people unsubscribed! 

But here’s the good news: 

In less than 30 days, we got more than $28,000 in sales purely from emails. 

Moolah that won’t be possible if we were too worried about “unsubscribes.” 

I mean… What would you choose? 

Keep your “cold” subscribers by not annoying them with “too much” emails? 


Send more emails and make more sales? 

Easy to decide when put like that, huh? 

Anyway, for more proven tips on writing emails that result to more sales and profits (and a bit of unsubscribes, too), go to: