Do This And Your Emails Will Almost Write Itself

Do you know who Jordan Belfort is? 

Most people know him as the “Wolf of Wall Street.” And yes, that dang 2013 movie of Leonardo DiCaprio, “The Wolf of Wall Street” was about him. 

Anyway, I remember Belfort because of a dialogue in the movie that goes something like this: 

Belfort: Sell me this pen. 

Brad: Why don’t you do me a favor. Write your name down on that napkin for me. 

Belfort: I don’t have a pen. 

Brad: Exactly. Supply and demand, my friend. [then hands Jordan the pen


That right there holds one of the “secrets” on to make selling as easy as falling off a log. 

You see, a lot of marketing gurus and business coaches like to complicate things. 

They say if you want sales, then… 

You need a funnel. 

Or you need to spend money on ads. 

Or you need to buy their program. 

Yada yada yada. 

When all you need is follow this “evergreen” principle in all your marketing efforts. 

“Find what your market wants, then give it to them.”

Take email marketing for example… 

Even an ugly, plain-text email can make more profits VS fancy html emails — as long as it’s focusing on the market’s demand and giving them the solution they “want.” 

It’s not rocket science. 

It’s basic marketing, beybeh. 

Which brings us to the question… 

How do you “access” that supply and demand principle in your business? 

It’s quite simple. 

Do yer plain old r-e-s-e-a-r-c-h. 

But not just any other kind of research. I’m talking about research that allows you to peek inside the mind of your ideal clients. Just like how FBI agents know how the worst criminals think — so they can predict their next move and catch them by surprise. 

Do this part right and you’ll have all the ideas you need to pump out emails every single day. 

It works so well, your emails almost write itself.