Man Sells Soul To Devil — Devil Wants Refund!

So I got a new (old) movie to tell you about. 

It’s called “Bedazzled.” 

It’s about a guy named Elliott Richards who sold his soul to the devil to get the girl of his dreams. The movie was a comedy and it funny as hell. (Pun intended) 

But it also reminded me of some real-life conspiracy theories of how some high-profile celebrities “allegedly” sold their soul to “Luci” in exchange for quick wealth, fame, and power. 

Well, guess what? 

You can see the same thing online, too. 

No, I’m not talking about people selling their souls to get what they want. 

I’m talking about those who are always looking for a quick fix, the magic pill, the easy way out to solve all their problems. 


People who spend thousands of dollars on courses after courses but rarely implement any of them. 

People who are always “hypnotized” by hypey shiny objects. 

And people who desire to be instantly good WITHOUT spending time mastering the craft. 

Hey, listen up and listen good… 

If you want to get good at something (and get the results you want), then here’s the secret: 



Roll up your sleeves and actually do it. 

Take email copywriting for example. 

You don’t get good at writing emails by just consuming courses or buying books. 

No, the secret to becoming good — even great — at writing email copy is by actually writing — and writing a lot for that matter. 

That’s why I always cringe whenever I see a copywriter who doesn’t write. 

I mean, it doesn’t make any sense, does it? 


If you wan to become good at writing emails… 

Then, I have 20 email tips on my Email Copywriting Handbook that you can consume and implement right away to improve your email writing chops. 

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