Wacky Crazy Strategy To Boost Open Rates!

Hey, what do you call someone who has never paid attention to ants?


Hah! 🤣

Some pithy joke to brighten your day.

Today, I want to talk about the #1 role of your email subject lines.


You see, if you can get people’s attention, you can get them to open your emails, and if they open your emails, they would read it and it will result to more sales.

Now, one of the best ways to grab attention is by using some whacky crazy subject lines.


Saying things that are soooo hard to ignore such as controversy, gossip, bizarre phenomenon, weird news, etc.

In fact, here’s a few crazy headlines I got from some good ole’ tabloids (and you can swipe in your emails):

  • Man’s head explodes in barber’s chair
  • Redneck aliens take over trailer park
  • Trump gets the hump
  • Britain threatened by gay virus plague
  • Proof Obama wiretapped Trump
  • Man fries eggs on his bald head
  • Safety meeting ends in accident
  • Homicide victims rarely talk to police
  • Easter bunny mauled my daughter

Needless to say…

Grabbing their attention and making them open your emails is just half of the battle.

You need to make sure that your email copy is tops when you use these kind of headlines.

Otherwise people would think that you’re just “baiting” them to open your emails.

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