Are You Afraid of People Leaving Your Email List?

Want a funny irony?

Dying in the living room.

Want an even funnier one?

Email marketing that doesn’t appeal to your market and doesn’t make you money.


Well, not really. Especially if that’s exactly what’s happening in your business right now.

Dunno about you but when I write emails to my list or to my client’s list, my main goal is always to make more money.

Yes, I might sprinkle it with a bit of fun, throw some actionable tips in there, or share a great marketing nugget inside, but the goal is always the same — to make money.

Someone may ask, “Well, isn’t that annoying that you’re always asking for your subscribers to buy from you?”

To which I reply, “Is your business a charity?”

Because if it is, then it’s perfectly fine not to sell them anything.

But if you’re doing business, people expect you to sell something to them.

That’s why every time you tiptoe your way into selling OR you try your best to just be ’nice person’ because you don’t want to annoy your subscribers, you’re actually breaking the trust of people inside your list who are looking for your help.

Think about it this way:

If my neck is bleeding and I go to the doctor, I expect him to treat me. And of course, I expect to pay for his services.

It’s the same thing with your email list.

If your market has a problem and they subscribe to your list, they expect you to show them the solution — and they expect to pay for it.

Now, if your subscriber gets angry because you’re selling something, then it could only mean 2 things:

#1. He doesn’t have a problem so he doesn’t need your solution

#2. He has a problem, but he expects you to give him the solution for free

And I’m guessing that that person is not your ideal customer, yeah?

So don’t be afraid to be more aggressive in the way you do email marketing.

Besides, what’s the worst thing that can happen?

I’ll tell you.

The worst thing that can happen is that people who are not your ideal client will leave your list.

But don’t worry because those who really need what you’re selling will stay and buy from you.


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