What’s The Ideal Length of a Good Email Copy?

What should be the ideal length when writing an email copy?

I’ll answer that in this email, but let me tell you this short story first.

There was this doctor who committed a grave error and ended up almost killing her patient.

The reason?

Confusion with her two patients: Mrs. Morris and Mrs. Morrison.

It was terrible. The doctor already cut her groin, punctured her artery, and inserted a long tube to her heart — only to found out that she’s operating on a wrong patient.

Luckily, the patient survived.

Heck, she was even happy because at least they were able to confirm out that her heart is fine.


Anyway, here’s what I brought it up:

Confusion can be deadly.

And getting confused in marketing? Oh, it can kill your business slowly or in an instant.

Let’s take email copywriting for example.

When it comes to writing emails, a lot of people are unsure whether they should write short or long emails.

Some gwurus say that short emails work best since people have now the attention span of a goldfish.

While some sheksperts say that long emails still perform better — especially when you’re trying to sell something.


I take to heart what A-list copywriter, Joe Sugarman said.

According to him, back in the days when copywriters were mostly men, they have this old adage when it comes to length of copy:

“Copy is like a woman’s skirt. It should be long enough to cover the essentials but short enough to make it interesting.”

Now, I’m not being sexist here, I’m just trying to prove a point.

You see, the length is irrelevant.

If your email copy is interesting and it’s relevant to your readers, then they will keep reading it.

But if it’s the ‘same-old, same-old’ regurgitated emails like what gwurus and sheksperts are always doing each time they launch their product, then you’ll easily lose readership.


I always try my best to keep my emails short.

I’m busy. My readers are busy.

And we’d both appreciate it if I can say everything I want to say in the shortest time possible while still keeping things interesting.

200 to 300 words is a good number. But again, don’t let that limit you.

Instead, always aim to make your emails fun to read — and you’ll never have to worry about the length once again.

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