7 Email Marketing Mistakes I Hope You’re Not Doing

As a self-confessed email junkie, I have this weird habit of signing up on different email lists.

I do this to observe how other business owners are writing their emails.

After reading thousands of emails from different marketers, I noticed some major mistakes that they usually do.

Hopefully, you’re not doing these things

There are dozens I can think of, but here’s my top 7:

🚫 Not sending emails as frequently as they should

🚫 Always adding value — but ‘rarely’ selling

🚫 Only emailing when they’re about to launch a new product, treating their subscribers as ‘cash cows’ (I super hate this!)

🚫 Being too formal

🚫 Being too obnoxious and vulgar

🚫 Tricking subscribers using ‘Fake Scarcity’

🚫 Embarrassing people who don’t buy their products

Those 7 mistakes really annoy the crap out of me.


There’s another sinister email copywriting mistake that you might be doing.

And that is, talking ‘gibberish’

Or talking in a way that your market doesn’t understand.

Let me illustrate.

A few days ago, my wife and I saw a group of goats on the roadside. We’re still waiting for our vehicle to arrive so we decided to have some fun. My wife started bleating like a ‘goat’ and to our surprise, a goat bleated in response. We tried it for a couple of times and every time my wife ‘bleat’ the goat will also bleat.

I tried to bleat like a goat, too. But I did a terrible job so the goat saw through my pretense and he didn’t bleat.

I think he has no concept of gender equality. 🤣

Anyway, what’s the point?

You need to speak the language of your Target Market.

You need to get off your high horse and speak to them like how they’re talking amongst themselves.

In fact, just fixing this one mistake can mean more profit to your business.

And just like how the goat responded to my wife’s bleat, your subscribers will have a hard time ignoring you.

…In fact, they won’t be able to resist but to respond and give their money to you.


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