Why You Don’t Need a Funnel to Make a Sale

A lot of business owners today are yapping about funnels.

For them, it’s the ‘holy grail’ of online marketing.

They say… *insert mocking voice*

“If you don’t have a funnel, no one will buy from you!”

To which I happily disagree.

Here’s the thing…

Funnels are useful, I give you that.

I have a friend who made 7-figure funnel for his clients.

So I know it works!

But what irks me are people thinking they can’t sell shyt if they don’t have a funnel.

That’s why all they think about are…

“Is my tripwire effective?”

“Is my downsell good enough?”

“Did I choose the right upsell?”

“Should I add another video?”

Yada yada yada.

Hey, hold your jets!

Funnel is just a tool. An instrument to automate the process of selling your products.

But don’t forget the two most important combo when building your business.

 Problem and Solution.

 Starving Crowd and the Burger.

 Your market and your Product.

Even if Russell Brunson builds your funnel, but if you don’t have a validated offer, your funnel will still suck. (Or it won’t! Lol!)

Because there’s no saving a product that no one wants.

The reverse is also true…

If you have a product that your market really needs — and willing to pay for — even if you just send emails to your list to sell it, you’d still make boatloads of money.

So don’t let yourself be burdened with the ‘yoke of funnel-slavery.’

Work on validating your offer first.

Try to sell your product to people who you think might need it.

If you find enough people who are willing to pull out their wallet to buy it, then congratulations

Go and funnel your business to your heart’s content!


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