The ‘Yellow Jacket Approach’ To Jacking Up More Sales

Someone asked me…

“How do I convince my customers that I’m the ‘real deal’ without giving too much information for free?”

There’s a lot of ways to do it.

But personally, I prefer the ‘Yellow Jacket’ approach by Darren Cross.

Darren Cross was an obsess CEO in the hit Marvel comic movie, Ant-Man. Because of his obsession with Ant-Man, he was able to create a suit that allows the person wearing it to downsize to the size of an ant. He called it the ‘Yellow Jacket.’

After creating it, he didn’t waste time…

He promptly sold his technology to arms dealers, mobsters, and terrorists around the world.

(Way to go destroying the world with ’ant-sized criminals’ huh, Darren?)

Ok, so how does it answer the question?

2 things: Demonstration + Teasing

Darren showed them a ’shrinking suit’ then teased them by saying that it will only work using a ’secret serum’

If you want to prove to your customers that you’re the real deal, then do it the ‘Yellow Jacket’ approach.

Show them what you can do, but don’t tell them how you do it.

Tease them with your knowledge and ability, while staying ‘vague’ about the exact process you have.

In marketing lingo, ‘Give them the ‘What’ and ‘Why,’ but never the ‘How.’

Make them curious.

Make them go crazy thinking how you pull it off.

And before you know it, people are lining up to buy your product…

…all because you create a need to ’scratch that itch.’

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