He ‘Urinated’ On A Dead Man’s Grave

A few weeks ago, I ‘encountered’ something really funny.

I posted this thought-provoking marketing question inside an FB group…

“If you’re selling hamburgers, what’s the one thing you need to have to make a lot of sales?”

And we have fun answering it.

Some say, “You need to have the best burger!”

Or, “You need to have confidence in yourself.”

While others hit the nail in the head, “You need buns. Onions. Cheese… Weed”

(Apparently, a guy loves putting weed in his burger. Pretty hardcore!)

Anyway, It was really fun until out of nowhere came this guy.

He seemed upset with the question.

So I asked him why.

He said that he didn’t like that my question was alluding to Gary Halbert’s teaching.

(By the way, Gary Halbert was one of the best copywriters who ever lived)

According to our ‘party-pooper’, it’s the 21st century and the ‘chestnut insights’ of Gary Halbert don’t work anymore.

…I watched as this dude basically peed on Gary Halbert’s grave!

You see, I believe that there are timeless marketing principles.

It doesn’t matter if its 50 years ago, 100 or even 2,000.

The basic principle of business and marketing is still the same:

“Find your market’s problem and provide a solution.”

If you want to succeed in selling burgers, all you need is to find a ‘starving crowd’ who’ll buy your burger in fear that they’ll die by starvation.

It’s the same thing with emails.

People who try email marketing and didn’t get any results will foolishly conclude that it’s ‘dead.’

I say, “No. You just don’t know how to use it properly.”

If email marketing is the car, then marketing principles are fuel.

You need both for it to work and get you results.

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