From 1 Sale to Sold Out

I’ve seen it time and time again:

Business owners pouring out their heart and soul to create a new product. Feeling all the rush and excitement of building their business. Seeing the success a few weeks away…

…Only to be met with a crushing defeat.

They invest their time and energy to create a product based on what people “wanted”

Yet when they launch, no one would buy it.

My first online business is a perfect example.

When I first launched my info-product, it was a complete failure.

Out of a few hundreds of people in my email list, only 1 person bought.

I couldn’t accept it.

So I tried everything that some ‘experts’ and ‘gurus’ were telling me.

Tweak my sales language, offer a solution to a problem, get clear on my audience. I hear all this ’tips and tricks’ yet I obviously didn’t know what I was doing.

I’ve gone through marketing training. Read a lot of marketing books. Follow all the advice I was getting to tweak and adjust my message. Yet I wasn’t still able to get my message out there in a way that it reaches people.

I thought I was too dumb to understand this kind of things.

I also thought that maybe it was my market’s fault because they don’t understand my product.

I know they need it.

Problem is… They don’t even know they need it.

In my mind, “Yes. I’m dumb. But it seems that my market is dumber.”

Until a guy told me how stupid that kind of thinking is.

He said, “You know why you messed up? Because you didn’t ask your market if what you’re producing is something that they really want.”

I answered, “But I did my research. I know this is something that they want.”

“Then, why no one is buying?”

I was speechless.

He was right.

While I’m too concerned with how my website looks, or whether I’m using the right font, or whether I look good in my video, I missed the most important thing…

…my market.

He continued, “If no one is buying your product in a one-on-one conversation. Then using a funnel won’t do you no good.”

I took that advice to heart and apply it on my second launch.

The result?

Sold out my info-product during the pre-launch and the actual launch.

That’s what I call solid advice.

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