$110,039.08 Revenue Purely Generated Using Only Emails

I had a client in 2018 who hired me to handle his email marketing.

After a month of working on his email list, I was able to generate a 6-figure revenue for his business.

…Yes, a month.

I plan to write a longer post about this, but here’s the condensed version of how I did it…

#1 Increase the emails I send

Before hiring me, the client is sending 2 emails a month.

Now, I’m used to sending daily emails to my list.

That’s why I instantly know that’s an area that I can exploit to generate more sales.

#2 Improve the copy

The previous emails that this client was using were devoid of personality.

…In other words, it sucks! 😂

So I study their market and improve all their email copy.

The result?

More engagement — and SALES — from his customers.

#3 Follow up emails

Most sales are lost because a business owner doesn’t know how to follow up.

For this client, I install an email sequence that ‘grabs’ the buyers back to finish their order.

If I remember it right, a good $20k revenue came from this email sequence alone.

That’s it.

Are you looking to increase your sales?

Then, use those three tips to generate more revenue for your business.

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