Email Lessons From A Perverted Old Man

Back when I was reviewing for my Board Exam, I had an instructor that was so perverted every time he teaches us.

In fact, he can easily be charged with a sexually related case if anyone wants to.

Still, he always gets some good ole laughs from us, students.

That’s why even if he has one of the most boring subjects, we always look forward to meeting him.

…Or in his own words, ‘mating’ him. Perverted old man!

But one day, he just erupted angrily in class…

The reason?

Well, he caught one of the students texting during the lecture.

It’s something that my instructor had specifically prohibited before the beginning of the sem.

With angry veins showing on his face, he snarled at the student, “DO YOU WANT ME TO ERASE YOUR FACE WITH THIS ERASER?!!”

We were shocked.

Funny enough, that incident made us even more excited to get in his class.

Because we don’t know exactly what we will get — will he be obnoxiously perverted again or will he actually erase a face this time around?

This is the kind of reaction that you want to get people who read your emails.

You see, your customers are bored.

And if you can be a source of entertainment for them, then they’ll always be on the lookout to hear from you.

No, you don’t have to be perverted like my instructor. (In case you’re wondering!)

But you need to learn how to do these three things:

  • Communicate well
  • Entertain your readers, and;
  • Build a strong bond with the people inside your email list.

Do that and see a positive impact on your sales as well.