Why V-Day Is The Biggest Scam

In my opinion, Valentine’s day is a scam.

…There, I said it.

Now before you bring out your pitchfork, listen to me first.

Valentine’s day is when guys are expected to do something cool for their woman, right?

…And companies know this.

So they ‘convince’ you to buy flowers or chocolate to show your love for your partner.

Now there’s nothing wrong expressing your love on V-day.

In fact, I did it myself a lot of times.

But IMHO, you don’t need to wait for V-day to do this.

That’s why for me, V-day looks like a scam.

Sadly, some gurus adopt this V-day mindset in their business.

…especially when launching their product.

You won’t hear from them unless it’s time to launch again.

You’ll only receive emails from them when they want you to buy their new product.

And here’s the worst part…

After the launch, you’ll never hear from them again.

No conversation.

No indication that they really care for you.

My point is…

Don’t treat your business like Valentine’s day.

If you have a product, tell your customers about it every single day.

Provide genuine help even if you’re not launching.

Treat them like gold — because that’s what they really are.

That’s how you do successful launches while building strong bonds with your customers.