Nurture Email Sequence

Why You Don’t Need To Add Value Before Asking For A Sale

Giving value first BEFORE asking for a sale?

Naah, it sucks!

I don’t know who started this ‘marketing principle.’

But it seems like a total rip off from Robert Cialdini’s book, “Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion.”

TBH, I think that mindset is flawed.

Let me explain why.

In his book, Cialdini taught about the ‘Law of Reciprocity.’

It is believed that when you give something to a person, they’ll have no choice but to feel personally, psychologically, and even ethically obligated to return the favor to you.

That’s why a lot of business owners think that if they provide enough value to their audience, they will be ‘obligated’ to return the favor… and buy their online course.

So they offer free eBooks, a mini-course, a free consultation, yada yada yada.

When it comes to emails… Marketing gurus teach that you should never sell on the first email. Or the 2nd. Or the 4th.

Make sure you give value first. Then on the 5th, 6th or 7th, you can sell. But don’t do it in a ‘salesy’ way.

Will it work? Perhaps.

Your audience might even love you for doing this.

But love and admiration don’t necessarily translate to sales and more customers.

If anything else, you’re just making yourself vulnerable to freeloaders and freebie-seekers.

How will you know?

They love you when you’re giving them value for free, but once you sell them anything, they turn into vicious gremlins.

So, should you give value first BEFORE you can sell?


If a pharmacy will educate you first before selling you medicine, a lot of people will die due to diarrhea.

So here’s my rule of thumb: If you have the solution for your market’s pain, then tell them about it.

Let them know that you can help them with their problem.

But you must never be obnoxious in doing this.

Provide them with great information, while leaving something out.

That’s how you can capture their attention and make them want your product.


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Case Against Giving Away Too Much Content For Free

I don’t believe in giving away so much Free Content because it attracts the wrong kind of people. ie. freeloaders.

Problem is, once you try to sell to them, they all get mad because they’re so used to you giving away all your content for free.

So what you need to do is to learn the “Art of Teasing.”

Give the ‘What’ and the ‘Why’ but tease the ‘How’ and point to your product.

Curiosity is a powerful motivating factor.

That’s why you need to avoid ‘hard teaching’ in your free resources.

Let me give you an example…

Let’s say I have a fitness product that helps people lose weight.

In one of my resources, I can talk about drinking a lot of water because it can help you lose weight.

Here’s how my content would look like:


Here’s a secret: You need to drink a lot of water because it can help you in losing weight.

But you need to be careful when it comes to drinking water because drinking too much can actually do the opposite.

You also need to watch out when it comes to the kind of water you are drinking because there are kinds of water that can also add weight.

So don’t just drink a lot of water. Make sure you’re doing it right.


You see, the customers get the ‘What’ and ‘Why’ but they didn’t get the ‘How’

That’s when you can transition to your product saying something like, ‘My product reveals exactly how much water you should drink and what kind of water you should avoid.’

#1 Email Marketing Rule That Is Pure B.S.

The ‘Nurture Email Sequence’ amuses me.

At least, the way some business owners do it.

Most of them think of it as the crux of their email marketing campaign.

If you ask some people, they’ll even tell you it’s a requirement before you can sell to your email list.

Well, I don’t believe it.

Let me explain…

A ‘Nurture Email Sequence’ is a series of emails you send to anyone who opt-in to your Landing Page. They say the goal of this email campaign is to add value, build relationship, and just engage with your new subscribers.

However, there’s 1 rule that you can’t break. And that is…

“You don’t have the right to sell your product — unless you’ve already given so much value.”

No value given = No right to sell.

…I think that’s B.S.

You see, some people joined your email list because they are in pain.

They want a cure to their bleeding-neck problem… and they want it NOW.

Then, why not give it to them right away?

Here’s where it gets more bizarre:

Some business owners actually think that since they gave away so much value in their ’Nurture Email Sequence’ people will now feel OBLIGATED to buy from them.


You think just because you add value, people will automatically reciprocate the favor and gladly buy from you?

It’s like building your business on a shifting sand foundation.

It’s like gambling your livelihood in an assumption that you can’t even control.

So here’s my suggestion…

Scrap that ’Nurture Email Sequence,’

In every email that you send to your subscribers, tell them about your product.

Not in a blatant way, of course.

But by seamlessly combining content with your promotion.

In other words, adding value while teasing them about your product.