Nobody Likes A Bag Of Bones!

Ever hear about the “Kennewick Man”? 

It’s a controversial 9,000-year old skeleton that caused quite a stir way back in 1996. Story went, both scientists and Native American tribes were fighting for ownership of the remains. 

Not only that. 

But some cult members were also claiming the Kennewick Man. Along with a man who wants to bury the skeletons in his family cemetery and even by the family of the college student who found the 90-centuries skull. 

For someone who has been dead for 9,000 years, Kennewick Man seems to have lots of long-lost relatives. 

Wondering if he was that famous, too, when he was still alive! 


Anyway, why bring this up? 

Because no matter how popular these bones were, you can NEVER do the same when it comes to your emails. 

In other words, don’t send emails that has no “meat” in it. I mean emails with with zero value to your readers. 

That’s why each time you’re about to hit send, ask yourself: “Is this email worth interrupting the time of my readers?” 

And if it’s not, don’t send it. 

(That’s a genius advice, by the way, from the great Ken McCarthy!)

Promise yourself never to send junk. 

Because nobody likes a bag of bones!