Cute & Creepy Fake Baby!

Got this question recently… 

QUESTION: Is email marketing applicable for a business selling webinar courses on stock investing? 

Well, of course! 

In fact, any business with an offer and an email list can profit from my email ways. 

You see, email marketing can help you as long as you’re solving a problem and you have a market that’s hungry for a solution. 

Here’s a quick example: 

Ever hear of Reborn Dolls? 

It’s a hyper-realistic doll created by artists to look like a real baby. 

Anyway, when I first saw it, I immediately wonder who would buy such a thing. 

It’s cute. But kinda creepy as well. 

Yet, I learned that there’s actually a huge market for it. (Lots of grown women are crazy over these dolls!) 

I also discovered that Reborn Dolls are used for therapeutic purposes. 

Such as for women who can’t have their own biological child. Or those suffering from anxiety and depression. Or women coping with grief over a lost child. 

The point? 

As long as you’re solving a problem — whether it’s securing your retirement through stock investing or dealing with depression using a fake baby — then you have a business. 

And you can definitely use emails to make lots of profits!