The Most Powerful Word in Your Email Copy

What do you think is the most important and powerful word in your email copy?

Is it the word ‘Free’?

Or maybe the word ‘Money’?

Perhaps the word ‘Increase’ or ‘Double’?

Well, those words pack some punch, I tell you that.

But the most potent word when writing an email to your list is the word…


You, as in your reader.

The way that I’m using the word ‘you’ in writing this post like I’m talking to you directly.

You see, the least thing that your prospects want is a self-absorbed prick who can’t stop talking about himself.

Put yourself in the shoes of your subscribers.

And imagine receiving emails after emails after emails…

…and all the topic is all about the ‘sender.’


You don’t want that.

Neither the people you are writing to.

So put more ‘You’s on your email.

Talk more to them.

Write to your list as if you’re writing for a single person.

…as if you’re writing for a friend.

So next time that you’ll write an email, make sure that there’s this power word.