3 Things Successful Email Marketers Do (that you should be doing also…)

Email Marketing is still one of the best drivers of a company’s ROI.

In fact, recent studies show that about 80% of retail professionals believe that Email is still their greatest driver of customer acquisition and retention.

In addition, another study says that Email Marketing provides an average ROI of 4,400%.

In other words, in every $1 you spend in Emails, you can expect to receive $44 back.

$44 from $1?

But how you can achieve this kind of results in your own Email Marketing campaigns?


Follow what successful Email Marketers do.

Here are 3 things that successful Email Marketers do in their strategies that you should be doing also.

#1. Dumb Down Your Language

While Email Marketing is still, undeniably, one of the most effective ways that businesses use to get more sales.


Not everyone can write a compelling, entertaining, and high-converting emails.

There’s a lot of reasons why this is happening to you.

One reason I can think of is poor communication of ideas to people.

…which could be the result of the ‘Curse of Knowledge’

What is the ‘Curse of Knowledge’?

It’s having deep knowledge of a subject that makes you, automatically and unknowingly, assume that other people have the same level of understanding as you…

…This causes the inability of an individual to communicate in a way that can be easily understood by the receiver.

For instance, an experiment was done where a student tapped on the table to the tune of ‘Happy Birthday’.

The other students were given 30 seconds to guess the song.

But the challenge is that only the ‘tapper’ knows the song.

Guess how many students were able to guess what the ‘tapper’ is singing?

1 out of 2?

1 out of 5?

1 out of 10?

Shockingly… Only 1 out of 40.

That’s how the ‘Curse of Knowledge’ works.

Now you better check how you communicate.

PRO TIP: Write like how you talk and talk in your reader’s language.

#2. Use the ‘M-U-P’ technique

What’s the difference between a good email and a high-converting email?

You might think it’s having a near perfect grammar used that makes it impeccable.

Or maybe it’s using scholarly words that always wow your readers.

Perhaps, it’s having a serious tone that speaks of your authority.


…those three things will only get your emails deleted.

What high-converting emails have is an element called ‘stickability.’

(the idea is taken from the book ‘Made to Stick)

Your emails should stick.

It sticks in the mind of your readers long after they read it.

The ideas you present are so ‘sticky’ they can’t get it off their head.

How do you do it?

Use the ‘M-U-P’ technique when writing your email copy.

a. Mysterious

See how I used the word ‘secret’ as the headline for this post.

It makes you go, “What is that secret?”

…and then it sucks you in to read more.

b. Unexpected

Share something that your reader will not see coming.

Just like how I lead you to believe that those first 3 sentences are what you need.

…then unexpectedly maneuver to saying that it’s wrong!

c. Personal

Talk to your reader, just like what I’m doing with you right now.

Don’t talk at them.

You can also share a personal story that’s highly relatable.

Mysterious. Unexpected. Personal.

#3. Write emails that connects

If you want to write emails that connect deeply with your readers…

Then I suggest that you don’t write your copy.

Yes, you read it right.

I’m telling you that you shouldn’t write your email copy.

Here’s what I mean…

Most people think that to write a good email copy, you need to be super creative.

...You need to find the right words.

…You need to come up with outstanding metaphors.

…You need to be a freaking wordsmith, right?


That’s one of the biggest mistakes that you can make.

…Relying on your own creativity.

Here’s a simple rule to remember:

If you want to connect with your reader, then you need to talk to him in his language.

Describe things that way he describes it.

Speak of his pain the way he speaks about it.

Paint his dreams the way he imagines it.

The creativity is in the market.

That’s how you can write emails that connect!