How a Simple Shift in Focus Can Improve Your Email Copy 10x

I have a simple email copy hack for you today.

…Something that can improve your email copy TENFOLD by doing a simple shift in focus.

It’s by focusing on BENEFITS instead of the FEATURES.

“Hey, Rom, aren’t those two, benefit and feature, essentially the same thing?”


FEATURE is all about what the product or service HAS.

12-Week Program, End-to-End Online Course, 24/7 chat support.

On the other hand, BENEFIT is all about what the product can GIVE YOU.

Respect and admiration of your friends, more time with your family, peace of mind.

Focusing on benefits is much more powerful than talking relentlessly about the features.

No wonder why a lot of advertisements today are focusing on making you feel the EXPERIENCE.


Because that’s how our brain are wired.

You can tell a person ten great features of your product but if you can’t show the benefit, then you’ll gain NOTHING.

So focus on the benefits…

Talk more about what they will experience when they do business with you…

Make them drool with excitement by giving them exactly what they want!

That’s how you 10x the result of your email copy!