3 Reasons Why Your Emails Are Not Making Any Sales

Did you know that on every $1 you spend on Email Marketing, you can expect an average return of $44?

4,400% ROI?

Heck, yeah!

That’s Email Marketing for you!

“Then, why the hell am I not getting any sales or new business from my emails?”

There are at least three possible reasons why…

#1: You Are Way Too Promotional

People hate those who do nothing but promote themselves.

Sadly, this might be the only marketing strategy you know.

Every email that you send is like a brochure — complete with fancy pictures and over-the-top marketing brouhaha.

TIP: Write your email like you’re a real person.

#2: You Don’t Promote Your Products

Now, it might seem that I’m contradicting myself here.

But here’s the point: For an email to make a sale, then you need to sell.

And the most effective way to do it is to use the KLT principle.

Know. Like. Trust.

TIP: Give value before asking for a sale.

#3: You Talk Too Much… About Yourself

This is the easiest way for people to tune out to your message.

People care mostly about themselves.

They are more concerned about their self-interest.

So you must talk always about your readers.

TIP: Use a lot of ‘you’s in your emails.