3 Little-known ‘Tactics’ to Increase Your Open Rates

Let’s do a bit of ‘Q&A’ today on this post.

First question…

QUESTION: Rom, I notice that you talk a lot about email copywriting. But is it still relevant? I mean, people rarely read emails today. So isn’t it better to focus on other methods of marketing?

Rom: Well, here’s my short answer: Yes. It’s still relevant.

And here’s my long answer: It’s still relevaaaanttttt!!!

…and NEEDED to make sales online.

If you want to focus on other methods, go ahead.

But if you leave email now…

…you’ll miss the 44% ROI that it can give you.

Not too shabby huh?


QUESTION: Rom, I tried emailing my lists consistently. But my open rates are quite low. How can I make more people open my emails?

Rom: Three things.

First, send them more emails so they’ll get familiar with you.

Don’t be that business owner who only sends emails when he or she is launching a new product.

It makes your prospect go: “Who the heck is this?”

So send more emails.

At least 1 email a day.

Second, work on your subject lines. Try curiosity, shock factor, or contrast.

Example: “How a bald man taught me how to keep my hair.”

Third, make your emails really fun to read.

People hate BORING stuff.

And if you want people to always be eager receiving emails from you, then make your emails a lot of fun.

Make them smile.

Give them a little chuckle.

(And no, never send your nudes!)

Alright, I think that’s enough questions for now.

Comment below if you have any other questions when it comes to email copywriting/marketing.